In the past few days, people have been sharing posts and memes joking around and making fun of our national football team. People are torn between whether it is okay to joke around or whether it is us being ungrateful and unsupportive. This is a question that we haven’t managed to find an answer to up until now, but let us look at both sides of the story and you tell us what you think is right.

Opinion #1: It is Not Okay To Make Fun of Them

This opinion seems to be the prevailing one. Most people believe that mocking them or making fun of their outfits, haircuts, the way they play or even how good/bad looking they are is demotivating, indecent and pretty much dark.

They feel like we should be more supportive of our national team, encourage them to win even more and be appreciative of the miracle they just achieved, qualifying us to the World Cup after 28 years of absence.

In addition, they make a whole point out of why this is super indecent and that we shouldn’t expect other teams to respect us if we don’t respect our own team.

Or simply, they just feel like those who make fun are too negative and too picky. That instead of looking at the bright side, people only like to criticize.

Opinion #2: It is Okay to Make Fun of Them

On the other hand, some people believe that it is totally fine to crack some jokes about the national team because jokes are just jokes, they are never personal.

Their defense would be that they totally support the team and want them to win big and that making these jokes doesn’t change any of that. Mocking their attires has nothing to do with whether they support them or not. This only has to do with the fact that they just don’t like their attires.

It also bothers them to feel that people are becoming too dramatic, because some things should never be taken seriously. They are just jokes. So, we Egyptians, need to start differentiating between talking seriously or jokingly.

Please share with us your views and tell us what you think. However, regardless of which side you’re taking, we bet that all Egyptians do love their country and want all the best for our national team.