Recently the internet has been flowing with body positivity movements, which is a great thing for women, and even men, who struggle with body image. However, these movements sometimes make other women feel worse about their bodies. Discussing and reading about body image issues makes a lot of women feel insecure, while they were confident about their own bodies before. Like the ones who shame other body types to defend their own body type, for example. There are plenty of topics discussed that make women feel self-cautious.

The portrayal of plus sized women


Most plus size models are actually considered thin. You’d find a whole essay written about body acceptance and that “big girls” should love their body as it is. Then you find a picture of a thin model that is considered “big.” You forget everything that was written and obsess over the fact that you’re way heavier than this “plus sized” model.

Skinny Shaming


While I completely disagree with the ones calling skinny shaming reverse discrimination, I believe that skinny girls are having a hard time as well. I’m actually a size zero, and I always find people saying “size zero isn’t a thing” or “no one likes skinny girls.” Some even say that they don’t exist. Yes, I’m not curvy. Yes, my bones show from my body. But, I’m healthy and I think I have a smashing body. Why do you have to make me feel less of a woman?

If you’re not over-weight, you’re not allowed to be insecure about your body


Everyone has the right to feel insecure about their bodies. You might think someone has a perfect body, but they don’t feel comfortable in it – don’t judge them! Some think that when women they think have a good body complain about their own bodies, it’s because they want attention and craving complements. While that might be the case with some women, that’s not the case for most of them. Don’t make them feel worse by judging them!

Campaigns regarding things that you didn’t even know are “shameful”


Recently there’s been a campaign called “Love your lines” that promotes women to love their stretch marks and that they aren’t “shameful.” I have stretch marks, and I never thought anything bad with them. Let’s be realistic, all women have stretch marks, even super models do. So when did it become a thing? Why am I forced to accept them, when I already do?

Before and after success stories


I understand their intentions are good, but in reality they make us feel worse. You lost weight, or you gained muscles and became fit; good for you! Why do you have to shove it down my throat and make it seem like it’s a piece of cake? Not everyone has the time, or money, to train every day, have a nutritionist working with them, or have someone to cook for them! Be proud of your body transformation, but don’t make others feel bad on the way.

Shaming women who went under the knife


You could agree with plastic surgeries or not, but don’t judge other’s opinions about them. Some women think plastic surgeries will help their confidence and they decide to do it, and there’s nothing wrong with that!


While I’m extremely happy that body positivity campaigns are growing, and help many women love their bodies no matter what, I hope they’re smarter with the way they approach the situations. Don’t let women love their bodies by hurting others! And for all women, don’t shame others so you’d feel better about yourself. All bodies are beautiful, we just have to learn to accept ours, as long as we’re healthy.