By: Passant Omar

The comfort zone is where the mind feel relaxed and the soul feels free. It is where the person mostly feels comfortable with his/her surrounding. The choice of what the comfort zone is surely differs from one person to another. Some people are most comfortable with a certain group of friends, others feel relaxed in some places, or may even just enjoy their own company. The comfort zone could be described as a sort of routine that your day revolves around; you do whatever it is that you have to do and you eventually turn back to it until the next task is due. By time it turns into an act that you inevitably do regardless of other productive things you can possibly do than sticking to your comfort zone.

As time goes by, you will find yourself growing up only by age while your soul and brains are still behind. Meaning, as the comfort zone has its pros of giving you the ultimate soul satisfaction, and peace of mind, its major con is it actually does not benefit you as a person who should evolve as the world around him/her is progressing every minute.

Each person has interests and soul discovering that must be done aside from drowning in life responsibilities where it’s hard to have time to take a break for themselves. Spending time in your shell a.k.a comfort zone is not going to help you grow; instead, it will leave you standing on the same stair while everything and everyone around you are moving forward.

“Live while you are young” should be a life motto no matter what your age is. You should not settle for the daily routine as this is how you will bury yourself alive.

Breaking a habit is usually hard at first. But once you are out, you are out once and for all!

I was taken away from my comfort zone, I literally felt “uncomfortable” at first, it was very challenging to actually to get out of my box and live. Eventually, I was forced to find alternatives to make the time pass. I found out a total new person in me, I was astonished by the amount of things I wanted and needed to do but kept them aside all along only because it was always easier and less practical to stay where I am most comfortable. I found myself striving for more, and this is only when life started to have a meaning.  It was the only time I finally understood what it means to give life a taste. I figured out how lifeless I was waking up every morning not looking forward to achieve something but instead, just spending my day casually till it ends. Shockingly enough, I never felt like going back to my comfort zone even though I missed it. I refused to stay at the bottom of the sea when the sunlight filled the surface. In no time, I achieved things I was always striving for but not actually worked for. Because if you think about it, how can you dream about something while you are still in your place?

To make it short, it may be challenging to break free from a certain habit but when you have anything in your life that stops you from growing, run for your life! Life is much more than sticking to your gang, or drowning into your video games, or even constantly visiting that one place because its food is too good.

It is okay to cherish the important things in your life and give it time but make sure not to let them chain you or kill your time. Your life IS your time, so manage it wisely.

The toughest battle you can be involved in is challenging yourself to push your limits and make use of your abilities; and, when you win that battle, only then you will find it hard for anything to break you or stop you, only then you will grow from within.

Always make sure that you try out new things, new places, and definitely new food!  As a little tip, set long term goals and make it easy to achieve them by breaking them down to smaller goals while working on the factors that are necessary to achieve these goals.

So all what you need to do is to overcome laziness and get up to actually do something! Seize the moment, because “great things never came from the comfort zone”.

Make sure that whenever you look back, you always find an achievement to proudly assert!