By: Fatma Ahmed

As cliché as it may sound, but seriously, our friends are the ones we spend most of our time with. Think about it; you may even find yourself feeling more comfortable around your friends than your own family.

We cannot deny that most of us have different types of friends: the positive one who can cheer you up in a blink of an eye, the partner in crime, the secret keeper, the one who plays the mama role and finally THE DRAMA QUEEN….

Below are 10 signs to help you detect the drama queens around you:


  • She plays an average of 2 to 10 songs for Tamer Ashour and Mohamed Mohey on a daily basis.
  • She may conclude a long conversation of complaining with “aslun 3ady”


  • She never stops posting depressing quotes along the line of “mfesh saheb ytsaheb” on her Facebook account and don’t get her started with the “ma2soda” hashtags .. AHHH!
  • You have to be seriously CAUTIOUS when you’re talking to her as she is way too sensitive.
  • She calls every single issue a “hwar” that we need to dwell on for days.


  • She blames you for not being here enough when you don’t pick up for just once.
  • She keeps talking about that breakup from like 838916 years ago.


  • She is the one who dresses the best in the squad and still complains about looking shabby.
  • A pimple is the end of her world.
  • Not to mention a broken nail too.


  • She feels like failing an exam then gets an A+.
  • Forgetting her birthday by mistake is the end of your friendship.


If these signs don’t apply to any of your friends, CONGRATUALTIONS YOUR SQUAD IS DRAMA QUEENS FREE!!!

But despite all those signs, you can’t live without them no matter what because they are still an indispensable fun part of your second family!