Way back when, male main characters were interesting.

They had good senses of humor, tried to be romantic (well, tried), and struggled on a daily basis. No matter what happened, though, they got back up and kept on going.

Instead of the lovable, somewhat goofy character we all liked and sometimes tolerated, we now have this new wave of characters who are all doom and gloom and boring to watch.

Still, cinema takes its inspiration from the public scene so these tropes didn’t come out of nowhere. So, how do you know you were part of the inspiration? Just follow this simple checklist.

Everyone Close To You, Specifically Romantically, Dies or Leaves

Wa7et El-Ghoroub

To start this off, we’d like to say we’re all aware that death isn’t something to joke about or make fun of.

Death in movies is strange, though.

Lately, all what happens is, a man is content with things and then his wife or sister or lover or whoever-he’s-close-with-who-is-female dies and the plot moves forward.

This is just trite and cliche and misogynistic. It’s also the first thing to check off.

You Might Actually Have Liver Failure

Blue Elephant

This is a sign that’s more present in books, but since book-to-movie adaptations are all the rage right now, it still counts.

No, it’s not outright stated liver failure; it’s just the incomprehensible amount of alcohol these characters consume on a regular basis.

The fact that their livers aren’t screaming with agony at every turn is the most formidable thing about these characters existence.

You Sound Like You’re Desperately Trying To Be BatmanAb El-Ro7y

Once upon a time, Male Character was normal person who spoke in a mostly normal voice.

Cue Lost Love Incident #1 and the man’s vocal chords transform to Christian Bale’s in the Dark Knight trilogy. Actually, even he had a normal voice when the suit was off.

Your Wardrobe Probably Doesn’t Know A Color That Isn’t Black


Dark colors, especially black, are popular colors in any person’s closet. They’re always there to give you a skinnier appearance and an effortlessly chic illusion.

There’s a limit to that, though. If every single item in your closet is black, brown, and grey, you probably appeared in a new-wave Egyptian cinema film.

You Say Witty One-Liners Like You’re A Marketing Creative on a Deadline


Some people are born witty, others work on their wit, and both are perfectly fine.

We all love a tangy sense of humor, and the wittier a line is, the more our moods lift. Too much of a good thing, though, makes it all terrible.

By all means, be as witty and sarcastic as you please, but add an edge of normalcy in your dialogue.

Sometimes you don’t have to respond to everything in an effort to one-up the other person. It’s not a competition and it’s also not Stand-up Night. The writers just forget that.

So, how many traits did you check off the list? Think you’ll be moving to Gotham soon?