After Donald Trump announced the ban on citizens from seven Islamic countries entering the United States, two terrorist attacks on Muslims took place; one happened within hours of the announcement in Victoria, Texas while the other one occurred in Quebec, Canada. 
Muslim Centre in Victoria, Texas (Source: The Sun)


The Muslim Centre in Victoria, Texas was destroyed by fire hours after President Donald Trump’s “Muslim Ban” came into force. Nobody was in the building when it was gutted by fire. Astonishingly, community leaders refuse to assume that the fire was the result of arson without proof, despite previous attacks on the building.

There are no leads or information as to what was the cause of fire, but more information will come up as the investigation continues.

Muslim Centre in Victoria, Texas (Source: The Sun)


Quebec Mosque Shooting (Source: Reuters)

According to various news sources, six people were confirmed dead and eight injured after gunmen opened fire with AK-47 assault rifles on about 60 people in Quebec City grand mosque during evening prayers. In the aftermath, the police put up a security perimeter around the mosque and declined to comment about the incident. Quebec City’s police spokesman said that two suspects were arrested and that there is a possibility of a third suspect who got away.

After the shooting, the Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau commented condemning “this terrorist attack on Muslims in a centre of worship and refuge”.



While the motive of the attack is still not clear, the attack took place the day right after Canada announced that it would offer a temporary safe haven to Muslims as a result of US President Donald Trump’s immigration ban. The correlation between Canada’s announcement to offer temporary residency permits to travellers who were stranded and the shooting cannot go unnoticed.

A man holding a sign with a ‘peace’ symbol close to the scene (Source: The Sun)

Both are still developing stories and show just how much the anti-Muslim bigotry is on the rise!