There is a reason traveling is one of our favorite things to do in the world! It’s honestly one of the few things that we can truly say we do for ourselves. Cities are a great escape to get lost in someone else’s world, but islands are where you get lost in yourself. So the next time you decide to pack up and go on a self discovering trip, we want to make sure you know where to go!
Koh Tao

Koh Tao, Thailand

The island is located on the east side of the Surat Thani coastline. Its name translates to “Turtle Island”, and it is said that the island used to be inhabited by turtles. The island’s shape also resembles a turtle if viewed from Koh Phangan. It’s beautiful from both above and below the water and attracts thousands of visitors each year. Koh Tao is now considered one of the leading centers for dive education in the world.

Bora Bora

Bora Bora, French Polynesia

It’s one of those French Polynesian islands that will take your breath away. All you have to do is stay in one of the region’s overwater bungalows, enjoy the beautiful turquoise lagoon and lose yourself in the memorable snorkeling sprees!


Ischia, Italy

One of the most developed and largest islands in the Bay of Naples, Ischia is filled with sprawling spa towns, abundant gardens, exotic scenery, forests, vineyards and small towns. However, it attracts a very small fraction from the day trippers who visit Capri from Naples in the summer. That makes it the perfect place for travelers who don’t enjoy crowded places.


Bali, Indonesia

If you’re a big fan of arts, culture, adventure and relaxation, then Bali is definitely the place for you. You could visit the beach in resort towns like Nusa Dua for example, or enjoy a relaxing massage in the soothing sun. If you’re into exploring different religions, you would not help but fall in love with the stone temples. Here’s a tip too: Do visit the Monkey Forest in Ubud, but watch out for your belongings because those monkeys will grab everything they can lay their tiny eyes on!


Santorini, Greece

This one I bet you guys knew already. Santorini is definitely a dream destination for many people. It’s the top tourist destination in Greece with its impressive caldera and volcano. Its tourist season extends from early April until early November where you can find many ships arriving at its docks.

Phi Phi islands

Phi Phi Island, Thailand

Travelers all over Thailand always mention Phi Phi islands like it’s literally their joy and pride. It’s been featured in different movies; Thai people regard it as Thailand’s super star island. You will truly enjoy its crystal clear water and its magnificent scenery.


Seychelles, East Africa

It’s one of those world leading honeymoon destinations. Let’s just say that there aren’t a lot of places where turtles would feel so safe that they lay their eggs ashore in broad daylight! The place is truly peaceful and magical. White sand, turquoise water, beautiful sunsets and green jungles, need we say more?


Galápagos Islands, Ecuador

It’s exactly the kind of place that will encourage you to think differently about the world. The islands are home to exquisite creatures that you have never seen before. It’s one of those islands where humans actually do reside in, and there is a very good level of development in the island’s towns which you will definitely learn to appreciate, thanks to tourism.


Ibiza, Spain

The place is truly magnificent; it’s one of the top destinations for people who appreciate night life. The best of Europe’s DJs make the island a holy ground for clubbers who visit to live up to the music at night while enjoying the beaches that serve every taste from family beaches to hippie ones in the morning.


The Maldives, South Asia

Let’s just say that the Maldives is the definition of Paradise. With crystalline blue waters surging against the white sand, the islands are beautifully remote and pure. You will enjoy the breeze brushing against the amazing palm leaves, and you will definitely lose yourself in the beauty that the Maldives islands are.


Zanzibar, Tanzania

It’s desert island experience for you. Blue skies, white sand and unspoiled beaches are exactly what Zanzibar is all about. There’s something for everyone in Tanzania, and whether that is dancing the night away or indulging in delicious foods, it won’t be hard to have a good time.


Chiloe, Chile

It’s THE spot for adventurers all over the world who enjoy trekking! Chiloe is a culture bred in isolation where there has been really little influence from outsiders. You will enjoy the rainforests and indulge in the culture, mythology, food and art of the place.

Koh Samui
Koh Samui

Koh Samui, Thailand

Koh Samui is the second largest island in Thailand which literally has everything a traveler needs from miles of white sandy beaches, coconut trees galore and beautiful resort hotels.


Kauai, Hawaii

If you’re a huge fan of vegetation, then you will enjoy Kauai as it is known as the “Garden isle”. The fourth largest island in the Hawaii archipelago, Kauai is a major tourist attraction.


Palawan, Philippines

Palawan is sheer perfection. It’s filled with blue water mixes and jungle filled mountains which appear as if they’re rising up from the middle of the ocean. The place is truly underrated when compared to other islands, even though it is one of those places that will make you feel like you’re in paradise.

Remember, there are plenty more islands to visit in this truly beautiful world. If you have your own list, don’t hesitate to share it with us;)