Ramadan is almost over and Eid Al-Fetr is just around the corner. Buying new clothes for Eid (lebs el-eid) is a popular Egyptian tradition; some believe it’s Sunnah to wear something new for the feast. Whatever the reason, we cannot argue that shopping for new clothes is undeniably one of the greatest pleasures in life.

However, Eid shopping in Egypt can sadly turn into an agonizing experience. When you go to the shopping mall, you literally find the entire country there! You wonder whether everyone has taken the day off from work and agreed to go shopping at the same time!


You find stores crammed with people, whether individuals, a group of friends or families that have brought their restless children along, making the whole shopping experience even more painful that it already is. Not just that, but also having to queue for hours to the fitting room only to find those same ill-mannered children pulling away the dressing curtains when you finally make it!!


Last but not least, after spending what seems like endless days in the queue to the cashier, comes a lady and decides to take your turn. You naturally turn into that green hulk and fight with the lady because you’ve just had enough.

Here in Egypt, the shopping experience is not exclusively limited to shopping malls. I mean, why rent a store in a mall when I can have the whole street and sell my merchandise on the pavement??


Every single step you take, you find a merchant shouting out and marketing his merchandise. He’s callingfor potential customers to come check out his stuff. Accordingly, people gather around to check the clothes AND some actually try them on in THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET!! This type of street vending blocks the streets, making pedestrian and car commute alike seem more challenging than crossing Bar Lev Line.


Despite all the above, we could never neglect the fact that shopping for Eid new clothes is one of the most gratifying feelings ever.

Happy Eid everyone.