Size matters. Whether people admit it or not, it does! Which would you prefer a small soda cup or a big one? A small portion at a restaurant or a big one?  A small house or a huge mansion?! Unless you are Thumbelina, you probably preferred the bigger of everything. What happens when this rule is applied to our bodies? It is a known fact that men are self conscious when it comes to… well, size! Women are too! Many women feel very self conscious about the size of their breasts –including those that are too large- and with swim suit season upon us, the problem is even worse. 

If you feel that way then these tips are for you to read…

1. WORKOUT YOUR PECS: Doing regular push-ups can make your breasts look firmer and rounder. Don’t work on your lower chest muscles as it will make them look smaller. Just the pectorals (upper chest muscle).

2. GOOD POSTURE: Standing up right and having a proper posture will greatly improve how you look standing up. You will look slimmer, taller and with bigger bosoms. 

3. THE RIGHT BRA SIZE: Most women don’t measure right and wear the wrong bra size. This can cause discomfort and won’t flatter your breasts. The bra should sit well beneath your breasts and cup it closely. 

4. BUY SUPPORT: Enhance how your breasts look with push-up, padded, gel, air and water bras. All these options will greatly improve how you look and help you jump a size or two. 

5. WEAR IT RIGHT: Avoid plunging necklines and tight-fitting clothes, obviously they will show what you don’t have. Dark trousers with horizontal stripes will make your hips look narrower and breasts larger in comparison.

6. MAKE-UP: Use make-up to create the right shadows and definition for attractive and full cleavage. 

7. FLAUNT IT: Big or small, it is what you were born with! It’s not like it’s an abnormality or a third nipple. Both sizes have their benefits and both are beautiful.