Men Struggle Relationships

So, here’s the deal. As romantic and loving and hopefully happy as relationships are, they don’t come easy. Every single relationship comes with a side of obstacles and a whole lot of struggle.

Considering the way society works, this isn’t very surprising. Nowadays, even the simplest relationships require you to work and toil to make sure they succeed.

However, there seems to be an outdated idea still somehow going around that, no, the two people in the relationship don’t struggle equally and that one-half struggles more.

And, yes, we’re talking about the male half here.

Don’t believe us? Well, you might just believe the insane amount of posts that lean into that idea littering all online spaces.

We’re not trying to make mountains out of molehills, by the way. And right now, we’re not even saying this idea is solely the men’s fault because, let’s face it, they’re fed this idea of being the sole “protector and provider” for their “woman” since birth.

What we’re trying to do is actually tear this notion by the roots because it’s quite literally causing us all harm.

Sounds a little exaggerated, we know. But think about it.

A lot of men take on way more than they can or should handle because they think it’s their responsibility, which lead to a lot of issues with stress and eventual breakdowns because of the overload.

And let’s not talk about how sexism comes into play in this. Because, yes, it does. See, this is the kind of mindset that makes some men believe their girlfriends/wives shouldn’t hold jobs and should limit themselves to the home alone — because they wouldn’t hold their own when faced with other problems.

There’s also one big problem that people in these types of I’m-doing-it-alone relationships seem to miss. Letting the relationship go on like this will breed resentment that will eventually poison the dynamic.

If you see the problem now, you’re probably wondering what we can do to fix it. And in that case, we need to say one thing. There’s no instant fix-it solution.

But wait, don’t panic just yet. What we can do is try to talk these issues out to gradually weed out the big problem.

And for this, we should begin by openly discussing what a two-person partnership is actually supposed to mean. Because for some reason, Egyptians, especially Egyptian men, are growing an independence that makes no sense in this context.

No one should want to be in a relationship where you feel like you’re one.