Ein Hills

It is gloomy and dreary these days, but one thing can help you resist these winter blues is making plans for the summer. Or better yet, escape winter and find your own summer!

We found just the place for you to do this; it is Ein Hills, your own personal paradise on earth!

Just an hour away from Cairo, you will find the jewel of Ein El-Sokhna. And spread across this gorgeous mountainside is the exquisite getaway destination Ein Hills.

Ein Hills combines the best of ALL worlds! And here is why:

1. It Brings Nature To You

It is not only spread across six terraces staggered up the face of the mountainside which gives you an incredible mountain experience aside from the breath-taking vistas of the Red Sea.

It also has a 100-meter-long waterfall streams and a crystal lagoon that will make you feel as if you are in a Caribbean island.

2. Privacy, Privacy, Privacy

One dreadful downside about going on a vacation is that there is no sense of privacy so it becomes difficult to relax. But not in Ein Hills. 

Ein Hills has a private beach which is, get this, accessed through a tunnel! If that doesn’t make you feel special, what can!

That’s not all! With any unit with 3 bedrooms or above, you get your very own private pool! Yeah, as in your own personal pool with no one splashing water in your face!

Also, to feel extra elite, Ein Hills is a closed community that offers only 500 units, and 3 commercial areas.

And if you just feel like relaxing in your unit and have some alone time, you don’t have to miss out on anything, because there is 100% sea view from any angle of the project. So will be able to rest in your bed while looking out on the gorgeous Red Sea! Isn’t that the dream!

3. Variety For Every Taste

Although it is a closed community with only 500 residents, they are making sure each one of the 500 finds exactly what they are looking for.

Ein Hills


Aside from the private pools, they have a meditation pool that will melt your stresses from the first dip. If that didn’t do it, swimming in their sky infinity pool is sure to do just the trick!

Another proof?

Ein Hills offers several options to meet your every need! From Standalones, Twinnouses, Townhouses, 3 Bedrooms chalets, and 2 bedrooms chalets. So whatever your budget or preference is, you will find what you want!

As for the shopaholics out there, not to worry, Ein Hills didn’t forget about you. The 3 commercial areas we told you about are not your regular vacation spot commercial areas! They are operated by Ventures Group.

Ein Hills

For those who don’t know who Venture Group is, it is the Lebanese company that operates several commercial areas in Lebanon such as “The Backyard” & “The Village”. So they are basically mixing the Lebanese fashion experience with the Private-island vacation experience! Does it get better than this?

I know what you are thinking ‘when can I go already’, right? Well hold your horses, the units will be delivered in April 2019. But you better hurry up, because 60% of the units are already sold out!

Now you’ll have to excuse because we have to go now! We have to start making some bookings!