Today April 10th, 2019, Russian belly-dancer Eicatrina Andreeva, better known as “Johara, who has been taking Egypt’s entertainment scene by a storm for the past year, was sentenced to one year in prison over the charges of “inciting debauchery and immorality.”

Take a moment to soak that in…


These charges are actually quite old. They date back to February 2018 when several videos of Johara dancing in a controversial suit went viral on social media.

Which I am sure we all remember.

Right after the release of these videos, Johara got arrested and charged with inciting debauchery and immorality for wearing an attire that does not comply with the legal standards of a belly dancing suit, or -as it was then described- showed her ‘almost naked’.

That was when she got held in custody for 3 days, after which she was released on bail, while the investigations continued.

After that, even Egypt’s National Security Agency got involved and issued an order to deport the Russian belly dancer.

Which we have to say, seems a bit harsh, don’t you think? 

Ever since then and for the past year, Johara has lived her life normally and practiced her career as a belly dancer in Cairo.

It wasn’t until recently that the investigations finally came to an end with the issuing of an arrest warrant against Johara, sentencing her to a year in prison by the Giza Misdemeanor Court.

Johara’s Manager Responds

According to Al-Masrawy, Johara’s manager Bassam Abdel Meneem has addressed the dancer’s jail sentence stating that this is not a final sentence because Johara‘s lawyer will be submitting an appeal to the court.

He also -reportedly- assured that this is NOT going to affect the dancer’s schedule nor contracts. 

Sounds a bit tough, considering that she’ll -supposedly- be in jail and all, right? 

However, it is worth mentioning that less than 24 hours ago, the dancer was active on social media.

Where is Johara now?

As for the time being, no one knows exactly where Johara is and whether she is, in fact, in custody or not. Several sources reported that she is yet to be found to execute her sentence. However, nothing is confirmed.

It is no surprise that this is starting to stir quite the fuss on social media between those supporting the sentence, and those supporting their favorite belly dancer and want her name redeemed.

What about you? Do you think this punishment is befitting the crime, or do you think it is going a bit overboard? Tell us in the comments!