If 2020 has a readymade theme, it’d be all about women empowerment. Sure, we’ve all taken huge strides getting where we are now, but things could always be improved, especially for working women in difficult fields.

If these women luck out, they’ll end up with employers who understand the importance of gender equality in the workplace. And if they get really lucky, they may just end up with Juhayna.

Even though factory work can mean manufacturing and a lot of physical effort, Juhayna is one of the companies fighting to ensure suitable working conditions for its female employees.

Working women see life through a different lens. If they work too much and too hard, they might miss out on their personal lives. If they give too much focus to their personal lives, their professional ones will end up a disaster.

That is, unless they can reach a balance between personal and professional, which is what Juhayna strives to do on a regular basis through its flexible working hours.

The company also tries its best to protect its employees’ rights through strict HR policies about their salaries, positions, and promotions. All ensuring that when an employee is, it would be based on skill, not gender, and that women and men would have no wage gap.

If you’re worried there’s nothing here for working moms, don’t be. Juhayna has a paid maternity leave, up to 12 weeks and a potential extra 12 weeks if needed, meaning working moms take enough time off to return to work.

Most companies, local and multinational, are exerting immense efforts to sustain a friendly, supportive environment for their female employees and are still enhancing their methods to improve their environments by attending conferences like the UN Women Empowerment.

It’s important to note that the conference focused on improving the working environment for many women in both the private and public sectors as well as accommodating them and empowering them through programs, mentorships, and work-friendly conditions for working moms.

With women as 30% of the managerial positions, 18% of factory workers, and more than 50% working all throughout other departments, it’s safe to say Juhayna takes these conferences into serious consideration. So much so, the company won a grant from the German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ) for Diversity in the Workplace, which it then used to start its mentorship program.

Through a partnership with GIZ and Econowin, the company is the first in its sector to implement the development and training program.

Over two years, a number of participant employees received training programs to support them to explore their career and personal development path within the company and the mentorship program.

The results are clearly received because Juhayna recruited their first female manager in the production operations sector and has witnessed a significant increase in women in their workforce.

We hope can keep up these efforts!