Breakup Playlist

So, it’s this point in the relationship where you no longer have one. Pretty tough, isn’t it? Now, you really want to do nothing but think about how everything went wrong and maybe listen to a thousand breakup playlists a day.

Here’s the thing, though. If you’re going to do the other thing, at least get a good breakup playlist. See, usually Arabic songs hit the hardest because they really hold nothing back.

Can’t see where we’re going? Okay, just take a look at this ideal playlist then!

Track 1 AKA Breaking Up

3azeema by Elissa

So you’ve just realized your own worth and you’ve decided to break up with that person you’re with. Well, keep your head up high then and listen to this one to start off the mood.

Baya3a by Tamer Ashour

Dumped and not the dumper? It’s fine, it’s okay. Listen to this hit and then listen to it three more times so the happy exterior falls off and you realize you dodged a pretty toxic bullet.

Track 2 AKA The Highs of the Post-Breakup

Scoo Scoo by Abo El-Anwar

You’re feeling happy. No, really, really happy and you want to celebrate and go all out. Maybe you’ll even party on till tomorrow. If so, this is the track to bump because it’s all party and no bad vibes.

E3tazalt El-Gharam by Majda El-Roumy

Soured on love? For, like, ever (or until you get over this)? Well, you’re in luck because Majda El-Roumy has just the song for this. You’ll literally be listening to something called “I retired from this sh*t”.

I Will Survive (Arabic Version) by Sarah Saeed

Gloria Gaynor’s I Will Survive is basically the most iconic I’m-making-it-out breakup song in the world. And this version by a Star Academy competitor is actually pretty great too! It will also make you feel much more empowered because that’s just what that song does.

Track 3 AKA “Wow It Really Happened” Breakup Realization

Awel Youm fil Bo3d by Amr Diab

So, the highs of the post-breakup passed you by and now instead of feeling very happy and all I’m-free-and-that’s-how-I-Like-It, you’re feeling like you’ve been hit in the face. That’s just the realization and this is the perfect realization song.

Ya Maltashet El-Oloob by Mostafa Shawky

Get ready to berate yourself for every choice you’ve ever made during the relationship because — oh, wait, you’re already doing that? Fine. Here’s a song to set all that self-blame to. Just don’t take too long.

Track 4 AKA The Part Where You Want Some Revenge

Mab2ash Ana by Assala

If you ended the relationship on good terms you probably won’t need this. However, if it ended badly or you just feel incredibly wronged and stepped on by your ex, you may want revenge. And no one does “I hope you go to hell and I’m sending you” like Assala.

Ashoof Feek Youm by Abdelfatah El-Grini

Okay, so this one’s lovely. This one has less of a “I’m ending you myself” vibe and more of a “if you end up miserable, I’ll show up with popcorn” feel, which is healthier but also still very petty. Live it up.

Track 5 AKA So Someone Wants Someone Back

Come Back To Me by Tamer Hosny

And now you’re eating your words because, well, you kind of really miss your ex and want them back. With this nostalgia to the past already in your head, you’ll really enjoy the song literally titled “Come Back to Me”.

Oloolo Samah by Tamer Ashour

Ah yes, the “I want you back but also I have no dignity” song. It’s perfect for the general mood and you can sing/cry to it all you want, just make sure you tell a friend because this song might actually make you want to act out on its emotions.

Rage3 by Amr Diab

On the flip side, maybe your ex is the one who wants you back and you just don’t want anything to do with them. So just bump this and tell them it’s too late. C’est la vie, you know.

Track 6 AKA Someone Starts Moving On

2al Gany Ba3d Youmeen by Samira Saeed

The original “I can’t handle that my ex is moving on” song is an essential in every breakup playlist. Like, sure, it will hit you a little too hard if your ex is actually moving on and you don’t like that…but then again that’s what petty IG stories are for.

Ana Shebh Neseitak by Elissa

So you’ve moved on. Congrats! Now, you can live it up and almost hit the end of the playlist. But before you do, you have to sing to the world (or maybe just to your empty bedroom).

Track 7 AKA The Rebound Song

Bel Bont El-3areed by Hussein El-Jasmy

If you’re on the rebound and you found someone, you must be especially glad that you’ve found this gem. It’s literally about someone finding the care and “tabtaba” they want, while also kinda shading someone else.

W Ba2abel Nas by Ramy Sabry

If you’re on the rebound and you failed to get over your ex, don’t worry, we still have your back. Ramy Sabry apparently has thought of this very specific situation and has made a song about meeting new people yet never managing to get over your ex. Listen up.

Nothing like a power song to help you power through, right?