Why would I eat a Taameya sandwich for 25 pounds? I just wouldn’t because it is ridiculous. A few months ago, Just Falafel opened it first branches in the most central areas around town, Maadi, Mohandesein and 6th of October.

The who branding idea revolves around falafel or Taameya in different wrapping and various blends, the Chinese, the Italian, the Egyptian, which is by the way wrapped in tortilla bread!!! The various blends unfortunately doesn’t really cut it for the Egyptian consumer; they are simply too fake…Italian Taameya sandwich in ciabatta bread, cheese and pesto sauce…no thank you, this is simply 3ak.

Egyptians appreciate their Tammeya as is with diced vegetables and tahini and no other mixture would appeal to this market. So unless Just Falafel starts Egyptianizing their falafel sandwiches, Gad and el-Shabrawy will always win it for me.