In a secluded part of Amman Square in Mohandessein lies Kanaka, a café and a restaurant widely known for its impeccable shisha and delectable Lebanese Mezzah. The clientele is widely young and the place fills up starting 8PM.

The decoration is lovely, floral comfy armchairs, white contemporary wooden tables and chairs and colorful shutters covering the ceiling. A gypsum ‘Kanaka’ stand tall and big by the door…looks a bit weird, I have to say.

The mezzahs were top quality especially the cold stuffed fine leaves and cheese stuffed safayeh; the meat Arayes tasted good but the dough was a bite hard. The fattoush and taboula were juice and impeccably seasoned.

The service is efficient and speedy but the shisha person was often late responding to wel3a demands. Overall, Kanaka is a nice place and definitely recommended.