Video chat daily

Even those with the busiest of schedules can make time for a quick video chat each day. Being able to see one another daily, even for five minutes, goes a long way toward developing intimacy. The consistent visual connections build familiarity and confidence in knowing one another.

Send photos often

Taking photos throughout your day and sending them instantly is a quick and easy way to share your daily experiences. It also adds to the transparency of your daily life, which is a key factor in keeping trust alive. Just always try to look sexy in these photos to remind them how much they want you.

Set an intimacy goal for each visit

To make the best of the time you do spend together, take time to plan an “intimacy goal” for every visit. One weekend might be all about staying in bed to develop physical intimacy. Another might be about showing your partner the details of your everyday routine. The next visit might be about meeting local friends. When you design your visits with intent to increase intimacy, the visits will likely feel much more fulfilling, and bring you much closer than they would otherwise.

Make use of apps

Viber will allow you to make international calls using data or wifi. Whatsapp is a great way to stay in contact throughout the day. Couple is a super cute app that allows you to draw together and send each other videos and pictures, and features a ‘thinking of you’ button that’s especially cute. I also like the thumb kiss part of the Couple app, it’s adorable. Instagram will help them know what you do every day and who you meet. And Twitter will help them know what has been on your mind lately.

Get physical

Okay, so you can’t kiss or do any of that other stuff. That doesn’t mean sex isn’t part of an LDR. Tap into your partner’s physicality over skype and via text. I don’t just mean straight up sexting, I mean describing your urges to each other in detail, from romantic kisses to the dirtier stuff.