They say the past cannot be changed, forgotten nor erased; but do you agree? 

Why don’t we think about it the following way?
Enjoy the present moment

The past should stay in the past, otherwise it can destroy the future. We should enjoy the present moment, and make new plans for tomorrow, or at least wait for what it will offer us.

We have to start thinking about what we’re enjoying at this moment, not about what yesterday has taken away.
Write your own story

Today is a chance to discover the life you want to live, to discover yourself and those around you. It’s a chance to meet new people and start new adventures. You’re the only one in charge of your life; you’re currently holding the pen and ready to write your own story. Why waste time digging into the past, if there’s no way to relive it? What if your past was awful?

Start creating your new life, rather than correcting your old one or staying trapped in its darkness.

People should stop over-thinking their previous mistakes as long as they’ve spotted them. What’s more important is being aware of the mess you made; regret won’t get you anywhere.
Everyday is a new opportunity

I believe that every day is a new chance for change. And I strongly believe that everyone has the right to change.

The past is a burnt book that should be thrown away if you don’t like it. You can hold onto the memories that you like and leave out the ones you don’t.

As a matter of fact, what happened in the past should stay in the past. It’s the present moment that counts.


Stop worrying about the future

And what about the future? Do you fear it too?

Many of us are afraid of the future; this is quite normal. We don’t know where we’re heading, what will happen or who we will lose along the way.

Some people fear the future because of what happened in their past; they fear the consequences of their actions. Sometimes, they even think about changing into better people, but never really take a step forward. They’re afraid that nothing will change; they’re convinced that their past will always haunt them so there’s no reason to bother.
Start taking risks

Others are simply afraid of life. They lock themselves up in a cave avoiding any sort of risk. They’re afraid of trusting people, so they get hurt; afraid of changing their jobs, so they don’t succeed; afraid of taking a run in the freezing rainy weather, so they catch a cold; afraid of getting married, so they suck as parents; afraid of investing in a new project, so they lose all their money; afraid of driving, so they have an accident.

Apparently, this world is full of people who think this way: “stay away and everything will be okay”. What they don’t understand is that IT IS NOT okay and it never will be! What’s the point of living in an uncertain world, convincing ourselves that it’s the best thing for us, while on the other hand, we ARE NOT REALLY LIVING?