Kimidar Tours has recently launched a new initiative under the tag #Ask_Kimidar. The initiative is focused on helping all travelers across the market “for free” on their travel inquiries, tips, arrangements…etc. the initiative is oriented to the whole market not only buyers who have reserved a paid service at Kimidar Tours.

“We are very excited to launch #Ask_Kimidar out of our responsibility in the market as one of the leaders and we are boosting our mission clearly to the market that we are here to help you any time for free. This kind of support is availed to anybody who is in need to for information or help regarding their travel trips regardless of whether they are actual customers who bought from Kimidar Tours or not” – says Adel Taha, the GM of the company.

Worthy to mention that Kimidar Tours has been named officially as Egypt’s Leading Travel Agency from 2013 till 2019 in-a-row at the World Travel Awards referred to as the Oscars of the Travel Industry.