We all have questions and wonders about the future. What will it be like, will there be aliens? How will we survive?

However, foodies like myself only care about one thing; what will the food be like?

Luckily, Knorr thought of that…

On February 19th, Knorr, with the help of World Wildlife Fund (WWF), hosted an event in Paris, to raise awareness about future foods and the importance of food sustainability.

Knorr Future 50 Foods; Knorr Is Bringing The Food Of The Future To You!

This is all a part of Knorr’s movement to bring awareness about the importance of changing our food habits for healthier people and a healthier planet. Enters, Knorr’s Future 50 Foods list…

Future 50 Foods

For over 175 years, Knorr has always been known for being an advocate for innovative foods and is always working with farmers, suppliers, and chefs from all over the world to help achieve a more balanced diet for everyone as well as a more balanced planet.

Which is why they have created the future 50 foods. Future 50 Foods is not your average list of “superfoods.”

It is a very diverse collection of foods from everywhere in the world that was created and researched with collaborative input from several experts in food sustainability, agriculture, and nutrition.

Who is it for?

Future 50 foods are for EVERYONE. They are not only for health fanatics who go to the gym every day. Foods such as Lentil, Quinoa, Walnuts, Sweet Potato and Okra are essential for all of us, and most importantly for our planet!


And even though, they are created with the needs of future generations in mind, many of the future 50 foods are reminiscent of ancient foods. Some that we don’t even know about!

Why is it important?

We are ignorantly destroying the future generations’ chances at a healthy balanced life due to our food habits. This is serious. By 2050, the human population of the world is expected to be around 9 billion people!

Yet, we are living on a planet of limited resources! We are not aware of the growing needs, and we keep relying on a limited, and small range of resources which is not sustainable in any way.


The way we are currently practicing in growing and producing food will not hold nor support us in the long run. Because eating too much of the same foods will hurt the health of the planet, as well as our health.

Not only does it put the soil we grow out of in danger, it also denies us essential nutritional benefits that our bodies need! For example, depending entirely on the same food will deprive your body of the benefits in other food ingredients. Especially the ones rich in vitamins like vegetables.

So it is time we branch out (no pun intended), and explore all the other healthier options out there!


Which is exactly what Knorr’s Future 50 Foods are about…

How can we start making a difference?

Knorr is determined to save the planet as well as our bodies, one delicious recipe at a time. So they are offering us a diverse plant-based diet to follow focusing on local foods such as Lentil, Fava Beans, and Spinach.

All while following more sustainable ways to grow and produce foods that will keep the soil itself a lot healthier, and for a lot longer.


If you, as we do, want to join in on saving the planet, visit for recipes, and learn more about the importance of food sustainability and a healthy balanced diet.

We always waste time and effort complaining about the way we lead our lives and how badly we are treating our planet.

However, it will be so much easier if we just started doing actual change, and what an easier way to do than to start with yourself!