Right relationship

Most people are not lucky enough to find the perfect relationship from the first time. It’s so rare that someone gets it right without stumbling across a couple of tiring and exhausting relationships first. As good experience as these relationships might be, they make us lose trust in our instincts and even fear commitment. So, how do we know if it’s the right relationship?


With every bit of your heart and mind, and in every sense, it feels right. Do not ever underestimate your gut feeling and instincts; they’re always right. If it’s the right relationship, it will feel like it. PERIOD.

You feel comfortable and safe

Yes, SAFE and SECURE. It’s now more common than ever before to find people staying in abusive relationships without even realizing it. Even if they do, they sometimes convince themselves or get manipulated into thinking that they are the reasons behind their partner’s ugly attitude, threats or violence. If you don’t feel 100% safe with your partner then you should immediately quit!


You feel you can always be yourself without being judged

You don’t feel like walking on egg-shells. You can express how you feel freely and state your own boundaries. You can act goofy, do silly and random things in front of them without feeling stupid or without them making you feel stupid. And for those who love alsh, you can set your talent free without being intimidated. You can see them wearing your PJs and still know they’re completely in love with you.

There’s mutual trust and respect

You don’t feel insecure about whether they’re lying/hiding things or doing something that will upset you. You trust them! And by the way, trust doesn’t only mean that they won’t cheat, it means that you trust and respect their life decisions and that they’ll do the right thing and act the right way. You feel you can trust them with yourself and know you can count on them.

There’s mutual appreciation and giving

No one is taking the other for granted. Being taken for granted is one of the most hurtful feelings someone could experience. Make sure you’re being appreciated and make sure that you are grateful for your partner too. Relationships should be symbiotic. They should revolve around giving, taking and equal compromises. They shouldn’t necessarily be measured with a ruler and they definitely shouldn’t be materialistic. They should always be based on mutual giving and understanding.

The closest people around you are happy for you

This isn’t always a sign and you should most of the time depend on your own guts, but if the people you really trust encourage and support this relationship then it’s definitely a good sign.

He/She makes you laugh

Well, this is not a must because sometimes neither of you are humorous. But anyway being with someone who can make you laugh or has the ability to lift your mood when you’re down is definitely a plus, a huge one actually.

You want to make a family with this person

You feel they’d make a good parent for your children. Even if sometimes you get cold feel from long-term commitment, you still feel happy about the thought. And you feel you’d be proud of them standing next to you at the alter.

Not reading relationship articles

Except this one and you’re reading it out of curiosity.

Maly 3einek/Malya 3einak

You don’t have the urge to check anyone else out and you don’t compare your relationship or your partner to anyone else, because you simply just want them!

Both of you know how to communicate

It doesn’t mean that you don’t argue and even fight! But when you do it’s a mature kind of argument. You listen to, not just hear, each other. And you make it a point to calm each other down.

You’ll look better and become more productive

A right relationship is no magic pill. But when you’re happy in your life in general, you have more energy to do things and you are more capable of facing life challenges.

Never forget that no matter how you got into wrong relationships and bumped into the wrong partners, you’ll eventually stumble upon the right person. This person will make you finally understand why it never worked out with the others. The most important thing is to feel right about it!