Beyond the veil, Kojak’s latest collection, is designed and inspired by unordinary fashion times and the beauty of darkness that comes from within a lifetime of success. The end of someone comes in the form of a funeral, funerals always commemorate a person who is no longer present; the concept behind the collection is a death experience where Kojak is present to witness his funeral, rather than being absent in a gathering that is dedicated to him. Each member in the shoot/performance represents a classification in Kojak’s life; Family, friends, people who are friends for their own benefit, relationships and professional life.


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“We’re all visitors, aren’t we? We come to this life chasing a trail of a pre-path detailed track to make our future. If the future is already destined, what does it mean? What does it mean to live a life that is shed by a shadow of an un-named direction of complete sorrow and redemption, for I never chose to be that way nor the other way. I am here to live the life I choose, but rather death chose me; It’s the same thing, isn’t it?” – Kojak


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Kojak’s creations seem to reveal the exquisite details and special techniques that raise fashion to the level of true art. His work proves the imaginative ways couturiers work with line, texture, and ornament to create sweep and volume, draping and pleating, illusion, and drama. Fashion as an art persists in providing us with a quintessence of the most beautiful clothing that can be envisioned and make history.

Kojak gives clothing a name, “costume drama,” each piece is made to be a wearable art piece. The art within the choice of fabrics, blend of colors, and timeless designs are the key of making a story for each collection coming to life.

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