Some days, cooking is too much work and eating out is simply a hassle; delivery then is the solution. If you are hungry and not feeling like having a fatty burger for lunch, Labomba is the solution.  

Pizza Labomba is the closest to the real Italian savory pastry; it is juicy, full of flavors and rich in fresh and colorful toppings. The blue Cheese pizza has a deep and cheesy taste that balances out the strong zing of the Arugula. Their second best is definitely the Salami pizza; it is mild and flavorsome. The Pizza anchovy is a little strong and salty but not fishy. Their pizza sandwich or the folded pizza (Calzone) is perfection; it is stuffed with a decent quantity of lava like cheese, sausage, mushroom and Salami. The mixture of flavors is heavenly. 

Another specialty of the only delivery pizza joint is the Nutella Sandwich, a pizza Calzone yet stuffed with melted Nutella…Sinful yet makes a perfect addition to this savory fiesta. The prices range between LE28 and LE40 for both savory and sweet dishes and delivery starts at 11AM to 1Am of the next day. Labomba delivers everywhere in town and should be opening their first restaurant soon.