Every day those who live in the city involuntarily enter an ongoing loop of daily events and nonstop updates. It is only a while before an inside yearning for the absolute break becomes too insisting. La Hacienda Ras Sudr has been one of the county’s pioneering resorts in Ras Sudr since the day it welcomed the very first group of visitors in 1998. The team behind La hacienda does not only claim to have the best facilities in the area, they prove it through an exceptional experience.  


They pride themselves in developing a luxurious; yet, relaxing resort in the heart of Ras Sudr. The place is located amid charming scenery; meanwhile, it offers high standards of privacy. After years of none interrupted success, La Hacienda currently has high brand awareness among Ras Sudr lovers of all ages and interests. Accordingly, the resort is set to expand into a sixth phase to welcome more peace seekers.


The place’s charm is linked to their private sea view that separates the resort from any nearby destination. The privacy is sustained by the gradually elevated level of houses; each set of units is built on a higher level to ensure an equal personal share of the resort’s 1200 meters of red sea view.

With that said, La Hacienda has one of the most harmonious communities ever. The team’s relationship with any new owner starts when signing the contract. The team spares no efforts to keep the resort’s infrastructure and cutting-edge services in a perfect condition. Furthermore, new facilities and activities are added every year based on the owners’ requests and needs; for example, a new deal with OB hotels and restaurants to ensure exceptional management.


On the other hand, the resort is a great destination for kite surfers that prefer the red sea for its constant wind and waves. Being on the shore of a bay facing northwest gives La Hacienda the advantage of facing the sea breeze instead of the dusty wind that comes from the surrounding desert.


Meanwhile, La Hacienda also harbors the first and top-ranked surfing school in the area. The renowned trainers behind Soul Kite Surfing Center have a large community of loyal fans, who are divided between surfing fanatics and yoga lovers.