One of the many things this pandemic breakout has taught us, it’s how family always comes first. How when the going gets tough, they’re the only ones who truly stick around.

And, since we were all stuck in quarantine -from our oldest to our youngest- La Vache Qui Rit wanted to turn these not so pleasant times into quality times full of laughter and happy moments  And give us a chance to create valuable memories with our loved ones.

Sadly, most of us had already forgotten how to spend time at home together and still be entertained, right? Because over the years, we forgot how to gather around a family table to talk, play and laugh… simply leave the digital gadgets behind and bond over the old simple games we used to love back in the day.  

It’s time to show the new generation how to have fun…Here comes the role of La Vache Qui Rit’s family laughter box.

La vache qui rit knows that the only thing that our kids will remember when all of this is over is how the home felt like during those tough times.

During the early days of quarantine, folks at our favorite processed cheese brand realized how it’s time to act fast and in favor of the Egyptian moms whom they’ve always stood by throughout the years.

So they came up with the “family Laughter Box” initiative that was launched on the 1st of April, 2020. The initiative was created to empower the moms with happy memories to power her family to choose. Choose to stay home. Choose to stay positive and choose to laugh during those tough times

The family laughter box isn’t just any box with a bunch of games. It’s a box that triggered a lot of happy childhood memories that gave moms a boost of positivity, the box contains many board games from our childhood and probably from our parents’ childhood too in order to trigger our happiest of memories and extend them even further to the younger generations. Super fun, right?

And in no time, celebrities and influencers from all walks of life from actors, to chefs, Fashionistas and photographers; all chose to cascade the happiness upon receiving the gift with a code to activate by sharing with their followers… like  Hend Sabri, Engy Ali, Dalia el beheiry, Noura el sadat, Mariam El Khosht, Nourhan Qandil ,Engy Wegdan,Ingy el Mokaddem, Couqla refaat, Nada el Sadat, Rana Arafa and Miral Fahmy started cascading the happiness to their followers.

The happiness was cascaded to moms through almost all the major mommy groups in Egypt even mommy’s groups on social media, and reached 3,000,000 women/moms.

By this sentiment, La Vache Qui Rit gave them the choice to have the best of times at the luxury and safety of their own homes. And the good news is, 10,000 boxes were already sent out!

The campaign went viral with zero social media spending and it became a trend to the extent that all mommies wanted to be part of the initiative. Everyone started sharing the call to everyone to choose to stay home, choose to stay positive and choose to laugh.