We still live in a world where children and adults with special needs are still ridiculed, bullied and looked down on in Egyptian streets. To add insult to injury, people with special needs also suffer from immense injustices within our educational system.

Sadly, it’s a case we’ve been highlighting for years. And, despite the government’s efforts to support special needs students, they all proved ineffective on the ground. Mahmoud’s story is a strong case in point.

The problem is no longer about the lack of specially equipped classrooms and circulars meant for students with special needs. This is a new level of injustice, it’s now college level too.

So apparently, if you happen to have a special needs kid in Egypt who is exceedingly smart at school and who manages to earn high scores at high school against all odds, he won’t be allowed to apply to the college of their dreams!

Our educational system limits their options to about 5 colleges and bans them from even applying to others; even if their scores meet the requirements. What the hell, right?

Imagine for one moment the amount of abuse, neglect, and humiliation this special needs student had to endure their entire life, only to grow up and reach the college stage (which is supposedly the best time in anyone’s life) and get beaten down by the system even harder.

We’re basically placing them in a system that offers them ZERO opportunity. Any chance for a slightly improved quality of life is almost non-existent. Honestly, what a shame.

As for Mahmoud, he continues to suffer with no evidential resolution to his ongoing problem. Here’s a recent interview of him!

Inclusion is not just about randomly placing kids with autism, Down Syndrome, and other special needs into classrooms and forgetting about them. Inclusion means building an entire system of tools and laws that minimizes their limitations as much as possible.

Reading about Mahmoud’s case and imagining the many others facing the same issue opened our eyes to how sad our educational and societal reality have become. Do you guys think this reality could change anytime soon?