Without style, playing and winning are not enough.

It’s a question of DNA. Tennis has influenced Lacoste’s style since its beginnings. With its clean lines and signature motifs, the Roland Garros collection embodies a new expression of sporting elegance. Contemporary, graphic, technical and functional pieces dedicated to pleasure and performance.


Style that is, quite simply, a way of life.


Iconic design and technical innovation meet in the Roland Garros collection, drawing on the brand’s heritage to revisit tennis-inspired style. A match for any playing field.


Game, set and match. Champion on the tennis court and three-time Roland Garros winner, René Lacoste invented the iconic polo in 1933. Its unique cotton

petit piqué marked a revolution in the world of sports clothing. His steel tennis racket invention would appear in 1963, followed by the first sports

bomber jacket by the brand, in 1966. Today, the Roland Garros collection pays tribute to the innovative legacy of Lacoste, through its functional, sport inspired wardrobe.