No, the title isn’t a creation of the writer’s sense of exaggeration. In today’s bizarre beauty world news, headlines are being dominated by a certain crazy-sounding trend that involves setting fire, nope, not to the rain *cough, cheesy song reference, cough*, but to your actual hair. What sort of bat-shit craziness is this? Allow us to explain for there is some kind of logic behind it.


The buzz all started when Victoria’s Secret model Alessandra Ambrossio posted a picture on her Instagram account where her hair dresser appeared to be burning her hair-ends with a candle. Well, if one of the world’s most famous highest paid models is doing it, it must be… Okay, right?


Well, it’s actually a Brazilian hair treatment called Valeterapia. The rationale behind it is quite simple: burning off split ends using flames.  The hairdresser simply twists the hair locks and runs a candle up and down the strands, burning off any flyaways that stray from the twists. Sounds easy, right? Yeah, well, don’t try this at home, unless you want to set your head, as well as possibly your surroundings on fire- it should only be attempted by professionals.

Should one give this treatment a try? Well, as long as good-old, completely safe trims are readily available, I don’t think I’ll really go for this one. I mean, who loves the smell of burnt hair? Plus, I’m one of those people who sit there paralyzed in their seats waiting for the hairdresser to finish chopping their split ends off, whist occasionally shrieking “enough! It’s too short! Please stop!” so I don’t think I’ll be able to handle this much stress.

On an ending note, whoever said beauty is pain was right on point. Nowadays, people would do anything to look their best- even sit still while someone literally sets their hair on fire.