Written by: Lamiss El-Fayoumi
The legendary Egyptian goalkeeper, Essam El-Hadary, became the magician who fulfills Egyptian dreams and one of the most important sources of happiness for Egypt and its people. But he would have not reached this status unless he is really different and unique. Hadary became an example and a role model, teaching us some great lessons about success during his trip to Gabon.

1- Diligence and perseverance are the key to success

Our High Dam “Hadary” exerts a lot of effort during training to maintain his fitness level without paying much attention to any obstacles. He keeps going, chasing his dreams, no matter what till he gained the title of the best keeper in Africa.

2- Age is not a barrier

“I’m training as if I’m 20,” says Hadary who just turned 44 years 2 days ago. That means it’s never really too late for anything, whether you will learn something new or maintain and improve yourself. The one single lesson to learn here is that age is nothing but a number, so do not crumble to laziness under the pretext of “age” or hide behind it.

3- Victory is not the only goal

What could be sweeter than victory than forcing your own opponent to congratulate you as we all saw during Egypt’s game against Burkina Faso. The lesson is: If you respect yourself enough, you will force everyone to respect you.

4- Success is not individual

Although he is the super star in the most difficult matches, but he never attributed success to himself. He always attributes his success to his team and to Egypt; we all saw yesterday his precious tears which hide a lot of responsibility towards his country.

5- No place for despair

Focus on your goal and ambition no matter how many difficulties you face and always remember that without focusing, you will never reach your goal. Try to follow Hadary’s example by repeating to yourself this phrase: “Who turns around a lot never arrives.”

6- Responsibility is a new type of happiness

Once you become professional enough at your field, you will bear a huge responsibility as many people will depend on you. This is a new type of happiness!