Who would’ve thought that Imperial, a falling apart docked boat, house to some of Cairo’s dodgiest night spots can take in such a lovely and cool place like Lemon Tree on its top deck. The new restaurant is the current attraction for all Cairo hipsters.

The eatery is nicely decorated with comfortable wooden chairs, vivid and colorful walls and greenery everywhere to complement the open-air feel. The place feels fresh and welcoming. However, a WC on board is a must as the boat’s bathroom is a combination of filth and a suffocating bad smell.

 The open-air restaurant serves some of the best delicacies in Town; the Salmon Tartar would make the perfect starter; it is fresh, nicely laid and tasty. Another mouth watering hors d’oeuvre is the shrimps; they are served bathed in a herby sauce rich in aromas and flavors. The quinoa salad is also savory, juicy and the portion is huge. 

The salmon is by far the best I have had in a long time; nicely seasons and served on a bead of rich and cheesy risotto…absolute perfection. My cappuccino was below average but the cocktails especially the apple martini is tasty and fairly priced.

Other than the weird looking bicycle planted in the middle of the restaurant and the ghastly bathroom on the lower deck, this place is hip, vibrant and serves delectable food.