College Professors Tanta

We all started this November on a hopeful note. That is, until the infamous Tanta University incident happened and a “respectable” college professor saw it fitting to treat one of his students like trash — harassing her, throwing her phone to the ground, then saying that was okay because the student is “mentally unwell”.

And the worst thing about this case? Well, it’s all too common in our college culture here.

See, there’s a problem with Egyptian college professors and we need to discuss it before it gets even worse.

College professors are supposed to teach us and guide us in a new phase of life and academia. They’re not supposed to hold our hands, we know, but they’re supposed to be civil at the very least.

Among the stories we’ve personally heard and the ones we’ve read online, though, we can tell civility is still a long way to go.

We’ve tried to find why exactly would a figure of authority treat someone they’re responsible for like this and came up with a lot of the regular theories.

Many people believe that these college professors suffer from some sort of superiority complex and so like to exercise it as often they can. Other have said it’s just a case of them acting out on all the humiliation they themselves have endured before.

Although both reasons are valid, neither really mean anything. No one under any circumstances is allowed to treat a person so horribly just because they’re “wired that way”. These students have literally done nothing to deserve this treatment.

even the internet agrees with us here

Before you say anything about this particular student yelling at the professor, please notice that the professor is about double her age and is supposedly a college dean who has to have dealt with all kinds of antics before.

We know all professors aren’t like this and that there are good and bad apples everywhere on earth, but our colleges are still a step behind.

We need a system like the one abroad. A system that actually listens to the students’ complaints about their professors so incidents like these don’t happen again.

Humiliation is not the way to go and we shouldn’t let it be.