They say teenagers are too young to understand love, but I guess people who say that are too old to understand teenagers! Being young doesn’t disqualify you to love, quite the contrary, young people are subjects to the most complicated type of love. Young love! Have you ever seen a wild horse, that is stubborn, untamed and uncontrollable? That’s what young love is. A rollercoaster. And those who fall into its web, ought to come out with some lessons.

Lesson #1 Love Makes You Stupid!  

It’s hard for us to notice that when we’re older, our claimed maturity prevents us from acting stupid (at least not all the time) when love takes the wheel. But when we’re young, the part in your brain that plays a role in judgment gets de-activated. You know that tingly feeling you get when you like someone, yep, that’s common sense leaving your body.

Lesson #2 You Can Survive Heartache (Even If It Doesn’t Feel Like It At The Time)

When we are young, all the complications of life seem like they can’t reach us at the time, so we fall in love effortlessly and meet our first love. The problem with having a first love is that in being the “first,” it means there are other love stories to follow. They can’t happen until you have that first painful breakup. Losing your first love teaches you that although it’s pain like you’ve never ever experienced before, you can survive a lost love.

Lesson #3 The Butterflies Feeling Fades 

Again, being young makes us fall in love easier so we tend to have more relationships. You figure out the stages of falling in love; the most favourite is always the butterflies phase. But you learn that they do fade. It’s just the evolution of the falling in love process. It means you’ve reached the attachment level, where everything feels good, safe and comfortable. The butterflies only show up on special occasions.

Lesson #4 Never Ditch Your Friends For Someone You’re Involved With

One of the downsides of tasting love for the first time is probably neglecting things and people around you, like your friends. But when you fight with your significant other, when they hurt you, when you break up…It’s you friends who pick you and get you back on your feet. So when we learn the lesson, we never ditch our friends again.