Zein Youssef

For those of you who don’t know Zein Youssef, then the least you should know is that he is one of a kind. I wouldn’t say that he is just like the other kids his age because he is not. He is as strong as all the kids in the world combined, if not even more.

Unfortunately, Zein was recently diagnosed with cancer for the fourth time. But this time it is even harder than the previous ones, but we know that he can get through it all.

This is definitely not the end, not even close!

Zein got us used to his strong heroic attitude that you’d only see in the movies. But maybe it is because he is not like your average human being, a hero perhaps. We know that this is definitely one of -if not- THE most heartaching experience for his family and for him too, but we have faith that it will all pass.

What we all need to do is pray for Zein!!

Zein needs all our prayers and with the right kind of support, Zein and his family will sure pass this. Let’s all pray for Zein to have a long healthy, happy, and amazing life because a sweet kid like him deserves nothing less.

To Zein’s Family

We know that it is a really tough situation. However, we also know that God built you stronger than us all to be able to endure such situations and magically get through them all successfully.

To Zein

Know that you are the strongest kid and hundreds of thousands if not millions of people are rooting for you to be healthy and happy. We have faith that God won’t break these people’s hearts because we are all depending on HIM for you my dear Zein.

Let’s all raise our hands and pray for the amazing fighter Zein Youssef.