Egypt has been cursed with the ‘Sayes’ syndrome. This random person, who doesn’t even bother and try to find a job, just names himself the manager of a specific area/street expecting all people to pay for their parking spot. It is truly one of the worst things about parking your car, even worse than parallel parking!

The Ministry of Interior just started an initiative where it is asking all citizens of Egypt to report any sayes they see on the street, and not to pay a single pound even if they do claim they have papers to prove that they are working for the government.

They are asking all citizens to call their hotline at 136 to report such incidents or people, and to simply walk away from any sayes they see.

What we need to do is…

We need to try and be a little bit proactive with a positive attitude and actually try to change our own surroundings, and we can do this in so many ways.

#1: The least we could do is just say ‘No’, and not pay the sayes anything at all.

#2: Be a little bit more positive and report them to the Ministry. Maybe your phone call can make your neighborhood a little bit more bearable.

#3: Spread awareness about this issue just as Aly Osman, the Founder of Egyfunny Society, had done. Be it a video, a Facebook post or even through a conversation with your friends, family, and colleagues.

#4: Last but not least, participate in this ‘#Matedfa3sh’ hashtag and spread the word.

We urge you to take a stance on this one, only if you believe in the cause. Because yes even if we are only paying 5 pounds to the sayes, it is not his right to take that money because he frankly didn’t deserve it. It is not a job, it is not legal and it is basically him ripping you off with an attitude.

Some might argue that it is better than him not working at all, but ripping people off and calling it a job is definitely not the answer. There are lots and lots of other job opportunities in different fields that will most definitely boost the economy if saturated, only if people are willing to make that change.

Start by yourself and be the change you want to see in people. Say ‘No’ to the sayes, and remember #Matedfa3sh.