Shady Srour took it to himself to recreate the world of Titanic in Arabic! With the help of director Mohamed Khedr, he decided to make a parody of the film. He took James Cameron’s 3-hour-long film and condensed it into 30 minutes, whilst pretending the whole thing was happening in the Arab world instead of the West. Here’s a list of a few remarks concerning Srour’s recent moving image: 

1- The ActingScreen Shot 2016-09-19 at 15.34.01

I get that they want to make it a parody by exaggerating the attitude and behaviour, as well as an incessant repetition of small gestures, but the actors took it too far. Srour’s face looks like he’s high all the time, and Rose chews gum really obnoxiously. These small gestures are supposed to make you laugh, but you need to know when the audience has had enough.

2- The Reality of the Set Screen Shot 2016-09-19 at 15.26.58

Okay, so you can tell that the production design has cost them quite a bit. The costumes, the location, everything looks like a lot of effort was put into the making of the film. When Jack and his friend embark on the ship, the crane in the background and the fogginess are a little too weird. The background is so conspicuously fake. I couldn’t tell if it was something they wanted the audience to notice or not at first. But, with a lot of explicit looks into the camera breaking the 4th wall, you can tell that the film plays on self-consciousness. They want the audience to know that it’s all an act.

3- TUC and OLX tuc

I would genuinely be happier with this film if they told me it was a TUC or OLX advert. It’s obvious that they wanted to make a joke out of TUC’s sponsoring of the film by explicitly advertising the biscuits several times, but there’s only so much shining yellow TUC the audience can take. They made a joke out of it more than 3 times.

4- The Sharshaha Character sharshaha

Rose’s mother occupied that position. This sharshaha character is becoming a custom with Arabic films, and it’s honestly bothering me. Rose’s mother should at least be adding to the comedy of this parody, but is her incessant loud screaming really generating any laughs?

5- Life of Pi ReferenceScreen Shot 2016-09-19 at 15.35.38

Life of Pi is one of the greatest films ever, why even include it in this parody in the first place? Pi’s impersonator is seen running into the foreground of the frame and calling “Richard Parker!” as the ship is sinking, referring back to the time Pi’s family were on a sinking ship and Pi was then left stranded in the middle of the ocean with the tiger. In the actual film, Pi doesn’t ask for Richard Parker. He was looking for his parents and ended up having a murderous tiger on board his little boat with him. References add a lot of richness to films, but I’m not sure what this small redundant reference adds to this parody.

As a huge fan of the actual Titanic and Life of Pi, I may have taken this too personally. I’m certain Shady Srour does a lot of great stuff, but this really didn’t do it for me. Maybe we shouldn’t mess with great films.