Lately, in most new fling cases, the one you find yourself crushing on is hurt or damaged by someone before you. It may even be described as a default setting now. As a result of that, they back away from you, and it’s infuriating.

Dear Damaged Crush..

Dear Damaged Crush..

I know you’ve been hurt, and I understand. I can see that you don’t trust anyone anymore. You’re afraid, but I want you to understand that I’m here for you. I see you crawling up in your own little world, shutting out anything that might hurt you. Please don’t shut me out, because I’m not like the others.

You’ve got so much in your heart, but you don’t know what to do, and neither do I.

I see in you an unaccounted, and unattended amount of love that I believe I deserve. You may think that I don’t, you may believe that I’m like those before me. Or maybe that I’m out to get you, but I need you to understand that this not the case.

For some people, being hurt changes them to the better, and for some to the worse, and if you think I haven’t been hurt before, then you’re wrong. The difference between me and you, is that I was able to take my pain and use it for the benefit of my being, where you have only used it to reject those who try to get through to you, and build a bubble around yourself.

I am not entitled to judge you, make assumptions, or claim that I completely understand you, because truly, no one is able to understand one’s self but one’s self.

However, I have a strong belief in what I think you are. And, I want to be able to explore that image to be able to help. I want to help you. Not just because I like you. But because I understand what you may have been through. I have faith in you, in who you are, and what we could become. 

Dear Troubled One,

We know what you’re going through. It’s frustrating, we get it. Take your chance and channel what we know you need to say to him or her and take control, for your sake and not for them.