Last night a 7.0 magnitude earthquake hit Indonesia killing more than 98 people and injuring more than 230 people. The earthquake was so powerful that the Indonesian authorities had to issue a tsunami warning theat was later retracted.

Videos spread all over the internet showing people screaming and fleeing their homes because of the devastating earthquake. In some hospitals, patients were even asked to leave.

It all started in Lombok, Indonesia, and then the quake struck Bali as well, where it was only felt for a number of seconds.

People are still standing in fear of another deadly quake or more aftershocks. This series of events is quite terrifying but this is mother nature. Houses turned into dust, cars were flatter than metal and indonesia turned chaiotic. More than 20,000 person is now in shelter with hopes of staying safe.

We feel for you and hope that this would be the last strike!