Dealing with a person who continuously keeps complaining and is very critical about everything you can be very difficult and can lead to alot ย of mental stress. follow the steps mentioned to deal with such partners.


Be positive:

It is very important to maintain a positive attitude about things. Do not be influenced by your partner’s negative and critical thinking.


Feel sorry for your spouse:

Remember that if a person is always complaining about most things in life, it is because of their past life. There could be an event or a tragedy in their life that makes them behave this way.


Avoid people with similar qualities:

Stay away from friends and other family members who are negative. These people are best left to themselves. Do not allow them to affect you.


Do not compromise:

Stand up for your values and do not negotiate on these values. People with ย negative qualities usually like to have a say in everything and anything that matters directly or indirectly to them.


Have control:

You must have control and awareness of everything and must have control over vital matters related to finance, purchases, children, etc.


Find a source of energy:

Dealing with people who are always negative can be very tiring and stressful. You need to find a friend or person whom you can trust who is a source of encouragement to you and from whom you can draw positive qualities. Remember negative people drain us of our positive qualities; the only way you can replenish your positive attitude is by being with someone whom you can trust and who shares the same thoughts as you.