CAIRO, FEBRUARY 3RD, 2017: A human-wellness community, LifeUP Factory put on a grand Ballet Recital, performed by junior and adult ballet students, in celebration of their third year anniversary. Taking place at Narmer American College there were more than 500 guests comprising parents, friends, families of ballerinas and LifeUP community goers at the LifeUP Ballet Recital 2017.

Ballet students performing ranged from juniors, starting at the age of 4, up to adult dancers (up to 50 years old), most of which have had no previous formal training, prior to joining LifeUP Ballet School.


A total of 9 dances were performed around the concept of Lifeʼs four seasons; autumn, winter, spring and summer. Similarly, with our lives, the beautifully choreographed dances gracefully reflected the various stages we pass through in life. Those that are happy, motivating and filled with success and those that are disappointing and dull, leaving the audience to ponder their personal life choices and which season they live in.


Ballet has no age limit, and today with students up to the age of 48 performing, so gracefully on stage; it is never too late” commented Sammer Mokbel, LifeUP Co-Founder, MoveUP & Ballet School Director Sammer Mokbel, the Director of LifeUP Ballet School and the main recital choreographer is one of three co-founders of LifeUP Factory; a one-stop-spot for the restoration of human talents & gifts that address peopleʼs physical, creative, intellectual and emotional wellbeing needs.

In an effort to exhibit and applaud LifeUPʼs other product line students, contributing to the Recital were two song performances by LifeUP Music School Instructor and students. Additionally, a selection of paintings produced by junior and adult students, of LifeUP Painting School, were on display at the Recital. Works by more than 30 junior and adult painting students adorned the halls of the auditorium generating a sense of pride amongst them, their families and their friends.