If you happen to have a morning job, we’re pretty sure you’re familiar with the struggle of ordering food at work.

Whether it’s for breakfast or lunch, all the productivity at the office gives us all kinds of weird cravings throughout the working day.

We, at Identity, always get choosing paralysis in the morning when it’s food time and we usually end up ordering the same thing!

So, we did our research and decided to give you the list of all the “good” food worth ordering at the office.


If you happen to work in or near Zamalek, Qedra is a place you should be familiar with. As the name implies, they only make basic foul & falafel sandwiches but they do it best. Their freshly baked bread is just heavenly!

Phone number: 0120 883 3233

Munch & Bagel

This one is yet another Zamalek classic. In the mood for a salmon bagel? This is a nice treat to have at the office every once and a while.

Phone number: 02 27354392

Mr. Koko

In the mood for a juicy cheese-filled chicken sandwich? Mr. Koko is the way to go. They make the best homemade-like sandwiches and fries in case you’re feeling a little homesick at the office. With branches in Agouza and Haram, they deliver almost everywhere!

Phone number: 0101 096 1296


Taza is basically a landmark in Dokki. They make the best chicken rolled and crispy sandwiches, but nothing too sophisticated, just the basics. We would call it another homey place.

Phone number: 0101 508 3111


Craving pasta at the office? Pastawessy have branches everywhere and the prices are somewhat affordable. Be careful though, you might fall into a food coma!

Phone number: 02 33384377


In the mood for feteer balady? Feteera offers all kinds of rich and yummy feteer sharqy! However, you may find it a little pricey given it’s a traditional meal.

Phone number: 02 27370229

Abu Youssef

Abu Youssef in Mohndessin is a safe option whenever you feel like having Shawerma. They also offer great savings on meals if you’re ordering in groups. Don’t forget to add their famous “debs roman” or pomegranate molasses!

Phone number: 0122 276 0999

Primos Pizza

Pizza is an office must. But we’re so bored with the regular pizza houses we’re all too familiar with and have been looking for some new pizza creations and the answer is..Primos Pizza. Their seafood ranch pizza is heavenly!

Phone number: 0101 445 9494

El Kazaz

When we’re nearing the end of the month and are a bit short on cash, we always go for Kazaz. The downtown place makes literally everything from foul & falafel to shrimps and mahshy and for good prices, too.

Phone number: 0128 055 9429

Ezz El Monofy

Kebda and Sogoaa in the office? Yeah, why not. Who can make those better than Ezz el Monofy? No one of course. The delivery is fast, the food is good and the prices are okay!

Phone number: 0122 240 5495


Have a soft spot for oriental food? The original Hadramout in Maadi is a must try!

Phone number: 02 24470999

City Crepe

Sweet or sour, crepe cravings at work are going to be met with fulfillment. City Crepe is now open almost everywhere and it’s really affordable.

Phone number: 0100 218 8127


Want to go light for a change? You could always resort to the delightful croissants and sandwiches from TBS!

Phone number: 02 25246300


Now to the biggest guilty pleasure. Having Koshary at work is an experience worth trying! Pick your favorite Koshary place now and hit the phone.

So, here, we spilled all our fast-food secrets. Tell us in the comments what food you order at work!