It’s officially gigs season. And with just a few days to Eid-Al Adha holidays, we figured you’d probably want to chill. If you’re staying in Cairo, you’re in Luck! there are plenty of gigs that music lovers will look forward to in August! We selected the best 5 you don’t want to miss.

#1 Egyptian Project, Darb 1718

If you won’t be able to make it to JLo’s gig in Sahel, worry not! Darb 1718 got you all covered on the same day. A night of Oriental folklore lyrics mixed with upbeat Western music awaits you. That’s right, the famous Upper Egyptian band and their French collaborator will be performing on the 9th of August.

#2 Black Theama, El Sawy Cultural Wheel

Our favorite boy-band is back! On the 14th of August, Black Theama will take the stage right at El Sawy Cultural Wheel in Zamalek. The concert, set to start at 7 pm is a perfect Eid-day kind of gig where you could hang out with your date or chill with old friends.

#3 DJ Phisics, Cairo Jazz Club

Want a night of hardcore partying? DJ Phisics will be jamming those Afro beats he’s best known for at Cairo Jazz Club on August the 13th. Brace yourselves for some serious action!

#4 Do3souqa, Darb 1718

If you’re looking for a place where lights are low and classics are played in the background, Do3souqa will be performing their indie/folk inspired music at the roof of Darb 1718 on Friday the 30th of August!

#5 Mahragan El Qalaa, Mohamed Ali Citadel

Between Massar Egbari, Omar khairat and Mohamed Adawya; Mahragan El Qalaa is at its peak this year! The festival held annually for 29 years now, starts on August 18th and continues until the end of the month, featuring an amazing selection of concerts coupled with a breathtaking view!

Happy Holidays, everyone!