This article was originally published on September 19th, 2019 and republished due to updates.

Moroccan singer Saad Lamjarred has been detained in France after Frenchwoman Laura Prioul accused him of rape. Prosecutors successfully appealed against his bail terms, and the singer has been charged with rape.

The 33-year-old was charged on 28 August with the rape of a woman in Saint-Tropez and was allowed to leave custody after posting a bail of $175,450 (3,144,000 EGP).

Moroccan singer Saad Lamjarred (C) is escorted by police officers at the courthouse in Aix-en-Provence on September 18, 2018. (AFP)

If that doesn’t scare you enough, Lamjarred has been accused of another rape incident in 2016, and another physical assault and rape charge in 2010.

Lamjarred rose to fame in 2015, when his song Lmallem went viral and became the most viewed Arabic music video on YouTube with 668 million views. That was after his first sexual assault; where he was arrested in suspicions of beating and raping a woman in New York in 2010, and later fled the US to avoid charges.

Since then, Lamjarred has been gaining views within the million digits, gets booked in every major music festival, played all over radio stations, and became a top Arabic singer. Not one person held him accountable for his actions.

Even after his second arrest in 2016, where he was also accused of rape, the public supported him. It went as far as the Morrocan king himself handling his legal fees to free him. And when he released a song right after his release, it went to become a major success.

The singer was an accused rapist, yet YouTube decided to promote his videos, radio stations play his songs. The media celebrated the rapist.

If you think that after his THIRD rape charge, the public decided to disown Lamjarred, and hold him accountable for his actions? You are wrong!

People are still supporting him. Even a so-called feminist and women’s rights activist is supporting him.

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سعد لمجرد فى السجن الفرنسى بعد ما رفض محامى مشهور الدفاع عنه و انسحب من القضية بدون ذكر أسباب… أنا شايفة إن فيه حراك نسوى عظيم اليومين دول فى العالم كله و هنطلع منه بفايدة كبيرة كستات أهمها إن أى متحرش قذر هيفكر مليون مرة قبل ما يعمل كده و يجيب لنفسه السجن و العار.. مش هو ده المطلوب طبعا ، المطلوب إننا نبقى متساويين فى الحقوق و الواجبات و أهم حاجة إن الرجالة تشوفنا و تتعامل مع أجسادنا كشئ طبيعي و كبشر مش منطقة تصفية حسابات وسخة أو تفريغ طاقة و كبت جنسى … بس يللا نص العما و لا العما كله…. عقبال باقى المتحرشين و المغتصبين فى العالم كله… #التحرش #جريمة


Not everyone, however, is supporting the accused rapist. A women’s rights campaign in Morrocco named #masaktach have been actively pushing radio stations to stop playing Lamjarred’s songs, and thankfully, have been receiving positive reactions.

While we’re glad he’s currently in jail and paying for his crimes, Lamjarred will soon be free again. He will continue to be a successful musician, and will most probably continue to assault women.

So far, he has not been dropped by his label. Nor did any big name in the music industry speak against him.

Update: Lamjarred has been released from jail after fully paying his bail on Wednesday 5th of December, 2019.

Last night, Lamjarred took to his Instagram to thank his fans, media artists and friends for supporting him. He also announced the release of his new video set to be dropped a week from now.

This is the second time the same exact scenario happens with Lamjarred. Unsurprisingly, he’s been getting support from the majority of people. This incident will remain forgotten like the previous ones.