Europe’s first Egyptian Cultural Festival is coming to London this year. Indulge yourself with an inspiring programme of arts, music, food, culture and film, including the UK premiere of the 2019 Egyptian film “Sawah” starring Karim Kassem. See both ancient and contemporary Egypt come to life. 

This will be a one-of-a-kind celebration of Egypt’s wonders and you do not want to miss out. The Festival will be held in The Chelsea Sorting Office from 9th to 10th November 2019. It is expected to attract up to two thousand visitors over the course of the weekend. 

Founder and Director, Ghada Elmenoofy, is delighted to announce the opening of the 2019 Egyptian Cultural Festival. “My aim is to create a totally immersive and unforgettable experience across the two- day weekend in the heart of central London” said Ghada. 

Ghada continued, “The Egyptian Cultural Festival has been created because it is the first of its kind to happen in Europe to celebrate and promote Egyptian heritage and culture to the wider general public. In its first year the Festival will have an exciting and unique programme. The event will be accessible to all members of the public, Egyptians and British alike, for a taste of Egypt in London.” 

“One of the main objectives from this festival is to promote the Egyptian identity to all generations and Egyptian expats in the UK to create a sense of pride in their heritage” added Ghada. 

The Festival Mission Statement: 

• The Festival will offer a platform to bring together Egyptian expats and hybrids for diverse talents and speakers to showcase their work and make it accessible to everyone. 

• Develop and showcase Egyptian designers to the British public for inclusion and harmony of the British-Egyptian community. 

• To share and celebrate our heritage and cultural background with both the British-Egyptian community and the wider attending public of all ages. 

• To protect and promote Egyptian cultural diversity in Britain, and by doing so, the right to celebrate culture for everyone in our society and around the world. Tickets are on sale now. Log on to for more details.