Sotogrande is known to be the Beverly Hills of Spain. The exclusive town is home to holiday mansions of many millionaires from around the world. One of the town’s newest homes is an Ancient Egypt themed holiday house. It’s decorated with gold pharaonic statues and is even gold painted. By gold, we mean actual gold, not the colour gold. Real gold.


According to Google, the house is said to have cost £10,000,000, equivilant of 117,155,905 Egyptian pounds. So basically it’s a nicely decorated El-Karya el Phar3oneya.

Did we mention that the house has its very own theater? Yup, it does. A 3D cinema that is big enough to host 50 guests.



If that wasn’t good enough, there’s also a theater that includes balcony seats. And you were proud you went to watch Omar Khairat’s performance once at the Cairo Opera house. Ha!



Check out this bathroom, that’s probably far more luxurious than anything you ever saw!



That’s the just guest bedroom, not even the master bedroom. The house has 6 bedrooms in total, and that’s supposed to be the least fancy one.



The 2,000 sqm house is sold by Pansuq Real Estate. It’s so silly and insanely expensive, but we want to live in it. Let the dream of owning this “holiday” house be your motivation in life!