At times we can get so caught up in our everyday stressful situations and problems that we forget the good things in our lives. Here are some situations with a “half full glass” side that you usually never notice…


Stuck in traffic?

Hey! It’s free ‘me’ time you get before getting to your destination. Listen to your favourite music, contemplate life decisions, make those phone calls you’ve been putting off and finally count your blessings that you are in a car while others are commuting in a much crowded, sweat filled means of transportation.


Can’t get in that party?

It’s a chance to use that time to do something different. Take your friends and do something spontaneous! Have your own party on the beach, meet new people or discover a new place. The night might not run as expected but the adventure of it will leave better memories than partying all night and barely remembering anything the next day.



Egypt’s political situation

We all feel the negative after-effects of the revolution but if anything this is a time for hope and new beginnings! We have managed to remove not one but TWO corrupt political systems and proved that Egyptians are a force to be reckoned with. You are in the middle of great change and it’s only a reason to be motivated for a better future.


Feel like your life is stale?

We all feel this from time to time. Like our life reached a stagnant phase that just doesn’t seem to change. You’re not the only one and it doesn’t mean you lead a boring life, it could actually mean you have reached a stability you never had. If you need a change take a step and go sign up for those dance classes or piano lessons or maybe pack up and leave for an ‘unplanned’ adventurous vacation.


News is depressing

Well perhaps that’s the news you read! Any news cast delivers good as well as bad news, it just seems that the worse a story is the more it attracts our attention and we end up feeling depressed. Let’s try to change the “OMG! A plane accident?! I’m never flying again” to noticing “hundreds of thousands of plane flights land safely each year” the one accident fades in comparison doesn’t it? Yes it’s tragic but the point here is that there’s always a bright side.