Al-Sisi assigns Mido to head the “1000 Professionals Project”

Ahmed Hossam Mido, the former Zamalek star, explained the goal of the 1000-Professionals project, which was commissioned by President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi.

“The state has entrusted me to manage the 1,000-professional project that President Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi ordered,” Mido said in a statement on the MTV program.

“I have had meetings with several officials. The president wants to have at least 300 or 400 professional players like Mohamed Salah, Mohamed Elnani, Mahmoud Hassan Trezeguet, Ahmed Hegazy, Ramadan Sobhi and others of our stars in Europe,” he said.

Not only that but his powerful transformation has been the talk of the town lately, after he reveals the secrets of his weight loss. Seems luck has finally hit home with Mido.

In an interview with Mona AlShazly,,

Mido talked about everything regarding his weight loss journey, including the trigger, the how …etc.

“I’ve been struggling for a while to sustain my diet. I start and keep going for 5-6 weeks then I quit”

basically the same reason that hampers everyone’s will and plans in losing weight.

Speaking of his Psychologist approach, “He talked me into doing it for myself, not for anyone else”

And yes! That’s what everyone needs to know by heart!
Whenever they’re stepping a foot into change, it should merely be for them selves! Not for a partner, not to please anyone.

You’re probably now asking yourself about the trigger behind this eye-pleasing transformation, so here’s why:

Mido decided that he should stand for himself and lose weight after going on a fishing trip along with his friends. where they had to walk around 300m to reach their boat and sail off. Back then, he wasn’t physically able to do all the distance at once. So he had to sit for a break and carry on by himself. That’s when he thought he deserved a body that can help him live a healthy energetic life rather than a body that wouldn’t co-ordinate.

Mido took it to a further level when he opened our eyes on Fat Shaming! 
He elaborated that one tough word directed to a fat person can be a serious double-edged weapon. For one person it can be their kick-off motive to start losing weight and change. For another person, it can totally bring them down and kill their self-confidence. Either scenario will take place depending on how strong the fat-shamed person’s personality is.

Here comes Mido, in aheartwarmingg family picture after his transformation.

NB: His doctors told him that by the look of his check-up and blood test results he’d probably die by 40 if he continues to gain on weight!

Mido’s career took a lot of turns since he started, some good and some bad. We are happy to see him back on track.