Lose a woman in 10 days guide

There are some things that men do that turn us off and drive us away, as if they’re perfectly executing the “how to lose a woman in 10 days” plan.

1. Telling her that she’s overreacting or being dramatic

Assuming that she’s making a big deal out of something because you would’ve reacted differently towards it. Oh, really? Smart move.

2. Checking out another woman

It’s disrespectful and rude to us when men do this and seem distracted by some other woman. It’s like we’re not even there.

3. Nose picking

Effortlessly playing in the nose and swirling like a twister as if we’re transparent and cannot see that.

4. Excessive cursing

Cursing all the time as if it’s a contest, even when it’s unnecessary. It’s not something that we would like to be part of. Watch out.

5. Not paying attention to what she’s saying

Pretending to be listening to us while we’re talking about or discussing something very important shows us how uninterested and careless you are.

6. Making fun of her dreams or something she’s passionate about

Women never like to be degraded, underestimated, or to be made fun of. If you cross that line, kiss your entire life goodbye.

7. Disrespecting her

Respect is not something that you earn by time. It’s not a “to use or not to use” feature with a woman. Can’t do that? – Farewell.

8. Bad smelling

Either it’s bad breath, sweat or any kind of bad smell. One’s personal hygiene tells a lot about them.

9. Unnecessary lying

If there is one thing women agree on disliking, it’s lying. One single lie can ruin it all or raise trust issues. Lying insults women’s intelligence.

10. Chewing out loud and talking with full mouth

This is literally one of the worst things a man can do to any woman while having a meal with her. It’s disgusting and super annoying.

Those are the “no joke about” things that literally make any woman lose interest.