By: Nour Elsaqa

Being lost in the world is scary but being lost in your own mind is terrifying,” read a tweet that I have come across. We have been lost for believing has been the hardest, especially when getting to deal with different people and different backgrounds every day. Nobody ever told us that what we believe in is the ultimate truth giving ultimate proofs.

We have all been through times when we felt terribly lost and believing in things was as hard as believing in Santa Claus and fairy tales. Ever since we were young we were always told to believe in the things that we should believe, and growing up we all tended to just change and stopped believing in them because some things didn’t make sense anymore.

Adopting your parents believes, attitudes and values sure don’t count as your own. Moreover, living in a society where any voice is hardly heard makes it difficult to stick to your beliefs long enough, which creates the worst of all “confusion”. We get confused with everything around us like love, relationships, religion, friends, careers or even college, wondering if this is all true, if we believe in true things or just some sort of inner satisfaction to believe, we even start doubting ourselves.

I bet we have all been through this. Believing isn’t easy, adopting an idea as the ultimate truth can be the hardest thing anyone could do, so we get lost and lost and more lost every time we meet something new in life, something that we sure haven’t prepared ourselves to.

Eventually, we all wind up going with the flow, trying to rest our minds hoping for a happy satisfying life to come by and save us, but maybe we will never be able to find the way to it if we had no idea what to believe or adopt. It’s just like living with no routes, no possibilities to lean on in the doubtful days we face. Life sure can be confusing and distracting, it can change you in every way possible, letting all the things you have ever believed in just go to waste and evaporate. We end up stuck getting lost along the way with identity crisis.

Being exposed to a society where people with different ideologies exist, it is hard to belong to one. Every human being thinks he/she is doing the right thing while you just have no clue on what’s right or wrong.

Thinking about things is what we were born to do. Making up theories and limits to live by or even not making any isn’t wrong either, it’s just okay to believe or doubt as long as you think. What’s not okay is to stop believing in you because of any outer interceptions. Believing in yourself, your decisions, your calls and your life is what matters. The moment we stop believing is the moment we completely and utterly lose ourselves for something that we are not. Stick to yourself no matter how different or even weird, because as a wise man once said “If you can’t believe in miracles, then believe in yourself“.