Chronic binge-watching is a thing; it may even soon be discovered as a medical condition. Although we absolutely love watching TV series, we have a love-hate relationship with them. Here are reasons why TV series are actually the worst: 

1- Cliff-hangers 

They’re why we keep coming back, but they’re also the reason for our anxiety and stress. How are you about to make our favourite character get into the most suspenseful scene and stop at the effing middle?! How do you expect us to wait a whole week not knowing what happened?!

2- Season Breaks 

Why does it take 8 -9 months to shoot around 20 hours worth of a season? And what do you expect us to do in this time? When your main bae show is on break, you need to find a side bae show, and so on until you find yourself attached to 76 different shows.


3- Plot Twists

This happens a lot. An episode starts slow and steady, and then EVERYTHING happens in the last 5 minutes. We suddenly discover our favourite character isn’t who they claim to be, or that the whole basis of the story line had a missing link and now you’re questioning everything and realising that your whole life was a lie.


4- Emotional Abuse 

It’s a known fact that show directors are evil and like to watch us twist and turn in misery. They make us get attached to characters and take them away from us. I’m talking to you, George R. R. Martin.


5- Wait, what time is it? 

It’s completely normal that you start watching one episode of a show, and end up spending 2 days and 14 hours in bed under the covers watching every single episode there is.


6- Turtle-slow Internet

WE DON’T HAVE NETFLIX! Loading episodes is a struggle all on its own, and when the Internet decides to be our number 1 enemy, don’t be surprised when the tantrums are thrown and the tears flown.


7- You’re not an actor; YOU ARE THE CHARACTER! 

When you watch a show over the years, the actor becomes the character and it makes absolutely no sense to you when they appear in another show or movie. Go back to Gossip Girl, Blake Lively, you don’t belong anywhere else. It’s kinda like seeing your teacher outside school.


8- The Ending 🙁 

This point brings too much pain; I didn’t even wanna talk about it. When a show officially ends, and you’ve been watching it since day 1, it’s like a huge part of you has been taken away. What is your purpose in life now? What to do next? You desperately scramble to find something to fill the void, but we both know it’ll take a while to mourn the loss.


And the love-hate relationship continues, because we never learn from our mistakes and continue binge watching whatever we can get our hands on.