If you are a girl whose summer destination is Sa7el, you or your friends must have at least once visited one of the ladies-only beaches. Girls frequent this type of beaches for a number of different reasons; some are regulars; others decide after only one visit that it’s not really for them but end up going again nevertheless. What’s with the love-hate relationship between us and ladies-only beaches? Identity decided to interview a number of girls to find out and here’s what we got:


“Personally, I’m not veiled but I like the idea of ladies-only beaches where I get to enjoy the sea with my veiled friends. We dance to our favourite music without feeling inhibited”-M.H. 17 years

“I don’t dislike ladies-only beaches; in fact I like that girls get to wear bikinis, tan and have a good time. This year, however, I found it too crowded, and way over-priced. The bathrooms were messy, and there was no clean water to shower at the end of the day.”-N-S. 24 years

“I went before and it didn’t bother me because it wasn’t the high season. I didn’t really feel any of the problems that everyone is complaining about; I was with my veiled friends who wanted to spend a normal day at the beach. I’d still go again but I’ll stay away from high seasons”-N.I.21 years

“Honestly, I love everything about it; I’m veiled and  love going with my friends and family for a swim. I love dancing so I particularly enjoy the dancing contests”-N.G. 24 years

“I love it because I like swimming with my little daughters and spending a nice relaxing day on the beach without having to worry about anyone checking me out. Food and drinks are served and you have access to showers and bathrooms; overall it’s a very good idea. I don’t particularly fancy the dancing which I sometimes find too vulgar. I just choose a quiet secluded spot and try to avoid the crowded days.”-S.S. 28 years

“I only go because I need to. It’s my only option since I’m veiled. It’s always super dirty and crowded (I have no idea why they oversell tickets)! Some of the ladies’ attitudes are disgusting but I don’t really care as long as they’re outside my personal space.”-M.N. 23 years old

“Although I’m not veiled and I wear a bikini in public but I still love to go there at least once every year! I love the fact that no one is eyeing me and that I’m free to do whatever I please. I can dance, smoke shisha and exercise. I think everyone will judge the beach based on their own personal experience!”- P.G.23 years

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“Unfortunately I go, and I’m stressing on “unfortunately” because I don’t like it. However, it’s my only option since I don’t like anyone to see me in my swimwear. My other option would be to head to the beach at dawn but that’s still very risky.” M.D-23 years and M.

“As much as I need it; I hate it ! I went to a ladies’ beach a while ago; ” el setat kano a3deen bel bikinis w el seb7a w fag2a kolo lebes foo2 el bikini el ezdal w yala alaho akbar. W b3den sahbet el makan apparently shyfa el birell real beer w gat tz32 le my cuzin enaha gayba birell el beach “bet3ha” w da haram 3ashn hya kda bteskar gowa el “bahr bt3ha” hahahaha”- R.A- 24 years

“I went before and hated it, but I’d still go again because my mum loves to swim and I like to accompany her”-N.M. 21 years

“I went a couple of times before, but will probably never go again. The last time was horrible; it just felt so wrong, somehow against nature, especially when a lot of girls and women started dancing provocatively. They totally get the whole idea wrong. I’m not against a “ladies-only beach”; I’m just against how it’s being implemented.”-M.T 23 years

“I hate it!! I only hit it when I want to tan aggressively. Last couple of years, I would usually arrive quite early to the beach and enjoy a private swim with my unveiled friends. The only drawback is that you can’t properly tan so early and that‘s why I had to pay it another visit this year. Horrible crowdedness, terribly loud music, over-priced entry fees and bloody small swimming areas is what characterizes these beaches. I am not really being judgemental but going to a ladies-only beach doesn’t mean you have to stop paying attention to the way you look and behave. You can enjoy your freedom but still mind that others around you UNWILLINGLY encounter the scene of you.” -N.O. 23 years 

“Hate its current concept and dont really get what a ladies beach has to do with the loud music, dancing competitions, shisha and of course being consistently super crowded! I enjoy my privacy only if it’s a regular beach for ladies, where you and your friends can just go enjoy the beach. That would be ideal!” -A.B. 24 years.

“I used to go when I was younger because I’m veiled and well..my options are quite limited. Ladies-only beaches can get quite uncomfortable though because of overcrowdedness and low quality facilities (toilets, kids pools and play areas for example). My real problem with women’s beaches is that they have become more of “partying” venues than beaches! Ya3ni ana leh law 3aiza anzel el ba7r modtarra ab2a a3da ma3 music speakers 3alia awi w ra2s w dance floor? Leh mafeesh option eni a3od 3al ba7r and relax/enjoy a good beach calmly zai ay beach tany? I think there should be both options available for women only bardo!”-S.A. 22 years

“”Unfortunately”, sometimes I have to go when I’m in need of a ‘Real Tan’. I just find a cool spot by the Sea but actually IT CAN BE SUCH A TERRIBLE experience. Women sometimes stare harder than guys, and overreact with their skimpy outfits. I think  it would have been even better if they’re really naked rather than wearing what they wear. Ba7essoo zay 3o2ad fa al3 over. zay leilet el henna and all these things for me.”-L.M. 24 years




‘I never went and never will. I don’t need to as I always manage to find a quiet spot on the beach in Diplo. If I need privacy, I use my best friends pools… I actually think that girls check other girls out more or as much as guys..”-K.H.-24 years

“I used to go but only to accompany a friend or my mum, but I hate it and stopped going no matter what”-A.E 24 years

“I never went and never will; I hate it because I hear about how ugly it is. I believe that when a woman decides to get veiled, she should accept the fact that she gave up on a lot of things in life and stick to her choice. It doesn’t make any sense that there’s an exclusive place for girls to wear extremely revealing bikinis and dance.. it’s all too fake” R.K.-40 years

“I hate it. I once went to a ladies’ swimming pool where 50+ women started gossiping about us while we could actually hear them. This was followed by a dancing session that felt more like a mission than some girls having fun”-R.A. 24 years

“Not in Egypt, no! The women just don’t understand that it’s private for the sole reason of not bearing skin in front of men if you’re veiled, religious or any other reason.. Instead, they bear too much skin as if they’re hardly wearing anything, and that kind of freaks me out.. I just dont do the private beach thing” S.S-25 years

“Personally, going to a ladies only beach makes me feel weird and uncomfortable. No idea why!”-L.S. 23 years and M.Y.26 years

“Horrible experience.”-J.A.-25 years